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The Office of Institutional Culture is about improving the University. We are creating a culture of belonging where every person feels valued and has an opportunity to add value. We are fostering a value-based and purpose-driven organization.

To get there, the university community decided on a set of common values, leadership expectations, and service standards. All of these principles will increase engagement, productivity, and positive outcomes.

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"So the question is, what culture do we want to create? We are transforming ourselves to be a better U, to be a better institution. And when we think about what culture we want, the answer is, we want a culture of belonging."
   - Vice Provost Isaac Prilleltensky

"Diversity is about creating a community where every member of this community feels that this is the place where they belong."
   - President Frenk

"Universities must lead the way in intentionally cultivating the free expression of diverse perspectives. If we are not deliberate about creating the conditions that will encourage real bridging, we are left with multiplicity rather than real diversity."
      - President Frenk

Office of Institutional Culture

1541 Brescia Avenue
Suite 120 - Office of Institutional Culture
Coral Gables , FL 33124

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